Animal Waste Clean Up Borders

Working from our base in Longtown, just outside Carlisle, Border Extreme Cleaning will step in and clear animal waste and biohazards including dog faeces, bird guano, rodent droppings, dead birds and decomposing animal carcases. We work right across Cumbria, the Borders and Northumberland!

Bird Droppings Cleaned and Removed

Bird droppings or guano, particularly from pigeons and seagulls, can not only pose a high health risk, but it also damages building structures and make building look unsightly. If not dealt with immediately, guano can cause permanent damage to balconies, roofs, fences, machinery, gardening equipment and ventilation systems. These can all be very expensive to replace so it’s very important that a professional cleaning service is hired to properly remove and disinfect affected areas.

Our highly trained technicians will first carry out a risk assessment. Then, utilising Personal Protective Equipment and professional quality cleaning materials will remove guano quickly and efficiently. Finally, we disinfect the affected areas.

Although bird droppings can seem harmless, it is quite the opposite. Guano is highly acidic and causes corrosion of surfaces if left untreated for any length of time.

Bird droppings also cause bad odours and can also release harmful bacteria which could spread throughout buildings through ventilation systems.

That is why it is crucial to ensure the safe and quick removal of pigeon and seagull droppings from your property. Our technicians will use the correct guano removal equipment as it could be dangerous if you attempt to remove bird droppings without the correct safe procedure.

 To prevent a recurring problem, our technicians can also carry out proofing measures that can prevent birds fouling on specific areas

Bird Droppings and Guana Cleanup in Carlisle, Cumbria and Scotland

Dog Faeces Removal

As well as being filthy, dog waste is also an unhygienic health hazard, particularly for children. The danger caused by dog mess is greatly increased because dog mess is most likely to be walked on and then carried on shoes. This leads to fouling in other areas where the general public, and in particular children, can encounter it.

Dog muck can pass nasty parasites back to your dog or other animals it could also lead to parvo, which is potentially lethal disease transferred between dogs,

The key health issue for dog owners to take responsibility for, with dog faeces, is that it can lead to toxocariasis in humans. Toxocariasis is a serious illness and can even lead to blindness, with kids being most at risk.

Our dog fouling control service can clear, clean and sanitise any area where there is a dog poop problem. Whether it's in public or private areas caused by irresponsible dog walkers or owners, Border extreme Cleaning will solve the problem!

We are sometimes called by landlords to clear properties after tenants with dogs have left a mess inside and outside. One case was a property in Carlisle were a tenant let her large dog run in the back yard for months, without bothering to clean the animal waste up. They had also left household rubbish there. The dog, of course, had ripped the bags opened. We sanitised, cleared the waste, and pressure washed the yard.

 Another job saw us called to a let cottage at Langholm were the tenant had been evicted, following allegations of running a puppy farm. The inside of the cottage, as well as all the outbuildings was caked with dog faeces, this required a major clean, sanitising and deodorising plus all outbuildings had to be pressure washed,

Rodent Waste Clean Up

After rodent infestation problems Border Extreme Cleaning can eliminate the very real risks of the very dangerous, potential health problems that can be created. Droppings and nesting material are often left behind in lofts, cupboards, sheds and other hidey holes where rats and mice have made their home in the past.

It's important to remember that the pathogens related to these kinds of infestation can be active along time after rats have being removed.

  • Salmonella can survive in rat faeces for up to 86 days
  • coli has been recovered from rat droppings for over 36 weeks
  • Evidence of Hantavirus has been found in UK commensal rodents.
  • Transmission of the virus from rodents to humans occurs through inhalation of dust infected with rodent execrate, and urine or a rodent bite.
  • Leptospira spp. Which causes leptospirosis (aka Weils Disease) is carried by 14% of rats and 80% of mice.

 When we clean up after rodent infestation in Cumbria or Borders houses and business premises, we also provide a thorough disinfecting service for rodent droppings and other materials using specialised biocidal disinfectants.

We can also provide a loft clearance service after pest related problems. Not only removing the droppings and dead rodents, but the contaminated loft insulation after Rodent, Pest or water ingress problems have occurred. We clear all the debris from the loft space as well as all the droppings Followed by a sterilisation process with a strong biocide designed for the purpose.

We will carry out this type of work regardless of whom the rodent control company was that carried out the work in the first place

Animal and Rodent Waste Removal and Cleanup in Carlisle, Cumbria and Scotland
Dead Animal Removal and Cleanup in Carlisle, Cumbria and the North West

Dead Animal Disposal

We also provide a dead bird or animal removal and sanitising service. Dead birds or animal around premises can cause all sorts of distress, health and safety issues including smell, maggots, flies, blocked gutters etc.

Recent work has seen us called out to reports of maggots dropping from a ceiling in to a retail warehouse, this was after a national company had been called in and were unable to find anything, our investigation led us to hiring a cherry picker to get onto the warehouse roof which resulted in us finding and removing two decomposing seagulls, the maggots were crawling under the cladding and thus dropping into warehouse below. Once the gulls had been removed and the area sprayed with disinfectant, there were no further problems

Locations Covered

We provide our full range of extreme cleaning services throughout the surrounding areas of Carlisle, Dumfries, Gretna Green, Lockerbie, Lochmaben, Penrith, Kendal, Keswick, Workington, Cockermouth, Hexham, Appleby, Haltwhistle, Hawick, Alston, Maryport, Aspatria, Annan, Wigton, Silloth, Dalston, Brampton, Langholm, Newcastleton Heathhall, Eastriggs, Ecclefechan, Canonbie, Roadhead, Lanercost, Hallbankgate,  Wetheral, Thursby, Calthwaite, Caldbeck, Castle Douglas, Whitehaven, Cleator Moor, Barrow, Windermere, Ambleside and Moffat.

If your location is not listed above, please feel free to contact us anyway. The chances are we will either be able to service your needs or point you in the direction of a reputable company that can.  

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